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We are a traditional company of 120 years that contributes to the agribusiness of Brazil.

Direct from the 19th Century
From Italy to Brazil, Giometti tells a story of 120 years of tradition, contributing to the agribusiness of the country.

Since its formation, São Carlos stands out for industrial and agricultural potential, and Giometti is directly linked to the agribusiness development of the city and Brazil.

Produce and market products of excellent quality, seeking leadership in the agribusiness, construction and mining markets, with fixed eyes on the full satisfaction of customers, employees and shareholders.

Be recognized as a reference company in the sectors in which it operates, and therefore the well-being of people.

People: Recognize them as essential to the success of the company.

Clients: We are committed to delivering profit-making products to our customers with the patience and vision necessary to create lasting business.

Ethics: Acting in accordance with the law and moral principles, and this leads us to take our word as our guarantee.

Profit: Return on investment from shareholders, ensuring growth and creating opportunities for individuals and our businesses.

Excellence: We improve processes, technologies and management to the point where we become better at everything we do.

Competition: Fuel indispensable to win in an open and honest environment.

Efficiency, commitment and respect with partners, employees, society and the environment. We are the S/A Giometti Industries.

Know our history

A Giometti for each sector of the economy

In addition to agribusiness, Giometti manufactures products for different sectors of the economy. It is present in several countries of Latin America and North America


Quality proves through the centuries

We work with high quality products, certified wood and reforestation, Morlan and Belgo wires.

Giometti is committed to the environment. All products are 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

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